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A Healthy What's Your Pleasure Recipe!! Keeping It Simple!!

Today I am popping in with what I like to call a healthy what's your pleasure recipe. Veggies can be anything, sausages can be any kind or omitted altogether. That is up to you. Also, up to you is what you do with them once they are finished sautéing! Today, I am blogging one of my favorite combinations, you might say my vitamins for today:

Cauliflower, I used a simple steam in bag, prepared

Butternut squash, leftover, precooked

Half of a large red onion, diced

2 chicken apple sausages, sliced


Olive oil

These were all in different amounts because of the amounts I actually had to work with

I used olive oil to sauté it all together layering my onion first to get it softened

Simple, anyone can do it!!

Why what's my pleasure?, well because what I now do with this combo is my choice:

Eat as is

Toss in some precooked rice with tamari or lite soy sauce or sauces of choice, for a healthy rice dish, or

Add a favorite Italian sauce, tomatoes, or marinara and serve over pasta or spaghetti squash

Whether you think of another idea, another combination, or just use up leftovers, don't count out a simple sauté to start off with, keeping it simple, healthy and still within your budget is really what it should be all about!!

Be safe by staying healthy!!

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