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A Fritter Can Be More Than Tasty, Here's The Scoop!!

For those who follow my blog, you know I like to fritter things. To me, a fritter is a great way to use up certain leftovers with a new concept to keep from making the same thing over and over. I have made broccoli fritters, zucchini fritters, cauliflower fritters, and chickpea fritters to name just a few. As long as your main ingredients are nice n dry, they should hold together and come out perfect every time. You will find a couple tips at the end of my recipe to help insure you are a success.

Today I wanted a broccoli and cheese fritter with an emphasis on the cheese as well as the broccoli. I like to call this my Italian broccoli fritter because some of the ingredients are popular in Italian cooking. Call me crazy, but I have a habit of naming some of my recipes to keep it interesting. For some reason broccoli fritter sounds boring to me, but Italian broccoli fritters sounds more interesting. I said call me crazy, I just hope the Italians don't mind!!

This is what I whipped up today from the ingredients I had on hand:

2 cups of well dried mashed broccoli (I like mine a little chunky, your kitchen your choice)

1 large egg

3 TBSP of panko breadcrumbs (see tips)

1 teaspoon of dried oregano, or to taste

2 TBSP of shredded cheddar cheese

3 TBSP of shredded mozzarella cheese

1 tsp of fresh lemon juice

Optional 1 tsp garlic powder or to taste


Mix all together and let sit at least 15 minutes, if too wet because your broccoli was not dry enough, add another TBSP of breadcrumbs

Form into size patties of choice

Fry in way of choice, I used a basil flavored olive oil, 3-4 minutes on each side

These can also be baked in a 425-degree oven for 5-6 minutes on each side depending on thickness

Flour can be used in place of the panko, but I find the fritters can end up being gummy in my opinion, or at least mine do

Of course, the spices and cheeses are your choice. I have used all types of cheese in mine, including goat cheese and Feta

These are great topped with sour cream, dipped in ranch dressing or any type of condiment you prefer.

The next time you have some leftover vegetable you don't know what to do with try a fritter, just remember practice makes perfect in cooking!

Happy creating, Be Safe!!

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