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A Favorite Time For Summer Frittata, See For Yourself!

Those of you who are on my face book know that I recently was gifted an insta pot and have been getting acquainted with modern gadgetry. I remember the days when you could not walk into my mother's house without her pressure cooker cooking something to death. Any day I expected to come home from school and see her blown to pieces, but of course that never happened, not that she didn't try.....So when the insta pot/pressure cooker came out, I had no desire to get one. I am working on that concept, however, and a recipe or two might be coming in the future, we will see......

Anyhow, today is not an insta pot recipe, I haven't gotten even close to that yet. What I am blogging is a favorite frittata I love to make in the summer mainly with fresh garden tomatoes, onions, and herbs and spices. This one also includes bacon and cheese of some kind. Summer isn't here yet, but wishing it was is, so today this works for me.....

I do have another frittata recipe on here, but in my opinion, you never have enough combinations you can create. Please read entire recipe through before starting

Here is what I do: Preheat oven to 350

First I slice my tomato thin and let it sit so some of the juices drain out

Next I make/precook my bacon lardons, or use ones I already have on hand from another day

Then I beat 8 eggs with oregano, or any spices I desire (oregano and tomato go great together)

In my oven proof 10-inch coated skillet on stovetop, I sauté one large thinly sliced onion of choice, in way of choice until just starting to soften, (can use a little water and let cook out) (This gives you a nice onion type crust, however if you want you can sauté the onions ahead and add after the egg, your kitchen, your choice)

Pour my egg mixture over that

Then add my bacon and shredded cheese of choice in amounts of choice

Let the bottom of my egg mixture start to cook and set, then add my well drained tomato slices

Put into my preheated oven about 20 minutes or until done (test by pressing on egg which should feel firm or insert sharp knife in center egg)

It might not be summer yet, but no reason it can't taste like it!!

Be safe everyone!!

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