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Even a good cook (debatable at times) messes up!! Today was no exception!!

Hi, everyone, we are all fine and hope you and your families are too! It definitely was a summer for the books, and hopefully the fall and winter months will calm down a tad. Welcome back to my blog, I hope you can find something helpful in my tips, recipes and stories.

Today I am posting a story that happened to me just this morning, and now that I have thought about it, thought maybe a lesson or two might be learned from what was supposed to be a simple chick'n and biscuits for two!

Here is how the story goes:

I had 2 small carrots and 3 celery stalks, a little leftover asparagus, some chicken chunks and some homemade broth from another day! Bingo I thought chicken and biscuits sounded like a nice cozy cold day ahead meal. Next I got out my small cast iron well seasoned skillet to bake in because you need a 450 degree oven to finish off the biscuit topping.

I was ready to begin. Simmered in a separate pan the celery, carrot, onion powder and ground rosemary in a little water, then decided that did not look like enuf so added a cup of frozen green beans and a little of the broth, simmered couple minutes more, then added the leftover precooked asparagus. In looking at the pan I thought hmmm something is missing. In the meantime I measured out my cornstarch and added the water and set aside and got out the biscuit mix and measured out the amount of milk I would need to add. Then a light bulb went off, I had not added the chicken, so dumped that in, and a little more broth, then it was time to thicken and grabbed the cornstarch mix, and as soon as I did realized I had dumped in the milk for my biscuit mix. More liquid, hmmm now I made more of the thickening mix and added that, not enuf, now I was getting irritated so tossed in dry cornstarch. And you guessed it, now the skillet would be way too small, my oven was finally ready and I wasn't.

After grabbing a larger skillet, making a little more biscuit mix, and finally getting in the oven, my final product was enough for an army, I was worn out, my kitchen was a disaster, and I decided today was a good day to rethink chicken and biscuits and stick with soup the next time!!!

There are many tips buried in this story, only you know your kitchen and your way of doing things, most of all just have fun, only you know the real reason your yummy dish came out the way it did!!

Stay safe everyone!!

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