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Farm Fresh Eggs Hard Boiled On Day 2? It Is Possible, The Proof Is In The Photo!!!

This is for some of you who have your own fresh chicken eggs or purchase them fresh from farm stands and farmers markets etc. There is always a question of whether or not you can make hard boiled eggs out of fresh eggs or if you have to wait at least 2 weeks or more before you can. Here is what I have found works with our fresh eggs we get every day, thank you to our wonderful producing chickens, maybe it is the threat of going in a pot if they do not produce. Little do they know we never eat anything we raise, large or small...…

I will tell you my technique and explain my photo, which I am sure you think might be a little questionable or not??

These eggs are 2 days old, and have been in my fridge those 2 days, I will say I have never tried any less then 2 days old tho.

I rinse them off under cold water then put in my pan, cover with cold water 1 inch above the top of the eggs and then add 1 tablespoon of baking soda. I bring them to a boil for 1 minute, then remove from heat, cover and let sit 12 minutes for large, 10 minutes for small, or 14 minutes for jumbo.

After the 12 minutes I then drain and whirl them around against the edges of the pan letting the shells crack a little, then add cold water to the pan, then start to peel right off

If need be I crack the shells a little more all around (see photo) then you start peeling from the larger end breaking the thin membrane if there is one and slowly peel to the bottom of the egg, like I have said before in another post I have on here for deviled eggs, this is not a contest to see how long the peel can be like we do with an apple......

Practice makes perfect and I suggest the first time you try this you do maybe 1 or 2 until you feel comfortable doing more. You will notice the one in my photo that did not peel too good and part is missing, that is because I did not have that spot cracked well enough and was not careful purposely, in order to be my example of what happens if you do not crack well or peel carefully.

To recap, please study photo if need be, we have in the photo:

Properly cracked shell before peeling

Improperly cracked and hurried peeling egg example

The perfectly peeled eggs

A perfectly cooked hard boiled egg cut in half

True I have had years of experience. True there are dozens of different ways to hard boil fresh eggs out there, but this has been successful for me. DO accept the fact that you will now and then get an egg in a batch that will not peel for you, but the world will not end, you are not a failure, save what you can and toss what you cannot.

Now I am going to make my avocado egg salad these are for, and maybe a couple deviled eggs, or maybe just eat one as is, as always it is your kitchen and your choice!!

Stay safe everyone!

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