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Lightened Up Twice Baked Potato Filling, How? Check it out!!!

For those who are out there working everyday to keep us safe, and fed, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!

Someone asked me once why I don't have a professional blog as a source of income. Here was my answer to them " I do not do it for income, I do it for fun, there are no advertisements popping up every two seconds, no videos and no more then one photo, even that is a challenge at times. I am technology simple in my know how, wants or desires, and I like it that way!! My blog was set up as an xmas gift several years ago by my family who wanted me to record my recipes for the future when I am no longer here!! I don't answer to anyone or have a sponsor I have to please." why would I want to complicate all that??

Sometimes I go into more detail on a recipe/post so that you might find it easier to understand, other times I do not, as I feel it is not necessary, simple is as simple does!!

Today I made twice baked potatoes, one of my favorite things. I do have another recipe on here from several years ago. This time around I wanted something a little lighter, so decided cutting the potato amount down would work. Luckily I had some leftover steamed cauliflower on hand and shredded cheese, my recipe was on it's way.

First I scrubbed the potatoes and baked them my usual way. (We all have baked potatoes one time or another.) 400 until done, size will matter here of course, recommend russets, but you can use whatever you can find at this point

Note: I never bake my potatoes in foil as I read once if they sit out too long once baked and not used botulism can form, if you want more info on this just google it. Plus I like the crunchier skins, and I find in foil the skins are usually soft to soggy. If you want to do them in foil, then just be sure to remove the foil and get leftovers in fridge as soon as you can.

Let cool 10 minutes, cut slice off tops if small, cut in half if large

Then scoop out the potato leaving a thin layer all around and you have your potato boat

Make your usual mashed potato, but very dry, see note below

Then mash your cauliflower and add to the potato mixture, half of each or ratio you desire, I find half of each the best one for me

Then add in spices and shredded cheese of choice, amount of choice for your amount of potatoes you are fixing

Stuff back into potato and bake till heated through and top starts to brown

Note: the drier your precooked cauliflower is the better, also drier mashed potato will make for a better mixture, as cauliflower tends to be moist. Frozen and defrosted cauliflower is not recommended as it tends to be very mushy and very wet!!!

You can add in bacon bits, diced chives, cream cheese in place of the shredded cheese, or work with what you have been able to buy in these times of limited quantities, of course it is always your kitchen and your choice.

Stay safe everyone!!

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