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Maple Caramelized Apple Pieces, Sure Thing! Move Over Applesauce For Today!!!

Today pork tenderloin medallions were on my menu. Oooops, out of applesauce. One of my family feels pork without applesauce is "just not the same" hint, it is not me. So the next best thing, my caramelized apple pcs. come to mind. Luckily I had one apple in my fridge, and I was all set!!!! This recipe is so fast, you can almost have it done before you even say maple caramelized apple pieces. So simple a child could do it, and delicious to boot, not only as a topping for pork, but over ice cream warm or cold, plain as a side dish or tossed inside some dough for a mini apple pie or tart!

Here is what I do:

Peel and chop/dice the amount of apples you are going to want to fix

Toss a little butter in a non stick pan

Sprinkle on a little cinnamon and simmer for a very few minutes, depends on size of pieces, 2-3 minutes

When just about to your tenderness preference, and believe me this will be fast, toss in a little maple syrup, don't go crazy here, I used a tablespoon for the one apple, and simmer another minute or two

This is good warm or cold, depending on what you will be using it for

This keeps several days

I used mackintosh apples, of course like I always say, your kitchen, your choice!!!!

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