Make Ahead Meatless Monday Casserole, So Simple, So Good! Or Doctor It UP!!

Oven temp 350 Time 30-35 minutes (see note below)

If you have never mastered making a white sauce, you must do so now. It is the basis for so many yummy things, of course mac and cheese being the most common. Of course you can buy white sauces in the stores, and add in your own ingredients to jazz them up, but once you master your own, you will wonder why you waited so long to make it. Then from there you add in anything and everything you can imagine. I have also had leftover sauce and saved for another days creation. White sauce Recipes abound on the internet and in cookbooks. I do have several recipes on here with white sauce directions included. Also I tend to add a little more of the flour then normal as I like my sauces a tad thicker then most call for!!

Once again, today, I return to whats on hand items, to create something so good, and my white sauce creation. Today I made my cheesy white sauce, or another words mac and cheese sauce as most people call it, with turmeric, black pepper, herbes de provence, and 1/3 cup of a gourmet peach mustard, plus the cheese, of course. The reason I added these items to my sauce was because I am using some leftovers, plus rice in place of the pasta, which I consider bland ingredients. We love regular mac and cheese, but sometimes you just want something a little different to add to your menu. This is a meal in itself, a side dish with a salad or piece of meat, or even once again topped with an egg. And once again, because there is no meat or seafood involved can be made a few days ahead then baked off and also keeps several more days after, in all good for almost a week, making it good for meal prepping if you go that route.

This is what I did today:

2 cups of my todays white sauce creation

Added in 1 heaping cup of a Monterey Jack shredded cheese blend

Added in 1 heaping cup of chic peas, any protein bean can be used here or a combination

Added in 1 heaping cup of green beans, I prefer partially cooked frozen beans here, of course your choice

Added in 1 heaping cup of leftover jasmine rice

Mixed all together

Placed in my lightly sprayed casserole dish

Topped with a mixture of parmesan cheese and Italian bread crumbs, (or your fav topping of choice)

Baked in a 350 degree oven till bubbly about 35 minutes or so

Note: this is another dish that can also cook at other temps if you are making another dish at same time.

Tip: I have also made this dish with tuna, shrimp, chicken or crab meat, to doctor it up, your kitchen your choice!!

Yes, there is some missing, someone had to be the taste tester after all!!

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