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Spring Chicken Veggies And Two Kinds Of Rice, Sort Of!! It's A Two Fer!!

Today's recipe is a rice dish, mainly because we love rice, and rice is one of the least expensive carbs there is. Of course that depends on the kind of rice, and there are many. And now there are even "riced" veggies in the supermarkets, fresh or frozen. Who knew? I have to admit, that does appeal to me, anything veggie related works in my kitchen. I also like to steam my own vegetable and rice it myself, to my desired size. With supermarket ones you take a shot and go with it!! Of course if you work that would be your best bet, I, on the other hand can go either route.

This recipe includes some of my most favorite thinking spring items. Of course, asparagus is starting to get great and plentiful in the supermarkets and on sale. Yellow peppers are another of my favorites and so are chicken thighs, bone in, skin on, baked in large quantities when also on sale. All were on sale, bonus!! Next I had my steamed cauliflower rice hanging out in my fridge, and a little leftover white rice, voila my recipe was born!!! All my ingredients except the peppers were leftovers, if you start with fresh you will need to sautee each item a little bit as you add them to the pan, think stir fry here!

Here is what I did today:

Sauteed my yellow peppers, amount of choice in some sesame oil spray, or way of choice, till crisp tender

Then added my precooked white rice amount of choice

Then added my precooked(steamed) cauliflower rice, amount of choice

Spices of choice, garlic powder, onion powder, herbes de provence, to taste

Added in my lite soy sauce, amount of choice

After a few minutes added my precooked asparagus

And lastly my precooked and chopped chicken

Heated all through and there was our meal, everything all in one dish, served with cranberry sauce, and oh so tasty!

Of course you could use all cauliflower rice and omit the white rice, change up the spices and veggies, use up leftovers, add some cheese, the ideas are endless, once again I say, your kitchen your choice!!

AND here is another idea, with the leftovers I plan on adding shredded cheese and making stuffed pepper halves, it's a two fer!!

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