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One Pot Beef And Veggies, Keeping It Simple, Yet Full Of Flavor!!

Please note: this photo is before placing in oven, not after coming out!!

Oven 325 Time 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 hours

Today I am sharing a beef and veggie recipe that comes together rather quickly and rather reasonable price wise, not a soup and not a stew! Like always it can be a barometer for your own concoctions, or another words what you like or what you have on hand at the time, or after a shopping trip! I like to buy a nice looking chuck steak about 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick for my beef recipes, with a little marbling for flavor and tenderness and also so I can cut my own pieces, the size I want, and all the same, for even cooking. I did, many many, too many to count years ago, work in the meat department at what was then the IGA in my home town. I learned a few tips in those days that I still use in my shopping today. One of the main tips is to always reach way in the back for the freshest product. Having to stock the case, shelves, etc. I had to put the freshest in the back then the oldest in the front. Another thing I learned was to remove beef packages from under the fluorescent lights in the case checking to be sure they are a true red color, which means freshness at it's best. And another helpful thing I learned was when checking out, put like items together, helping the cashier with packing your items quicker and safer once leaving the store. This tip is especially helpful in the summer months. And finally, it only takes an extra few seconds to find the best buy or sell by date, take the time, it is worth it in the quality of the product. Another words, all common sense....

On to my recipe today:

In your dutch oven brown your amount of beef cubes for your family (lightly floured and spiced if desired) in oil of choice, this is your first layer, you will want your pieces at least 2 inches in size here

Next I topped the sautéed beef with several good splashes of lite soy sauce (or Worcestershire sauce), 2 bay leaves, dried thyme to taste and drizzled with some ketchup, amount of choice, and topped with 2 cups of low sodium beef broth

Next I layered chunks of onion, carrots and celery with leaves, a mixture of the 3, amounts of choice, 2 inches in size

Next I layered fresh uncooked green beans, whole, or your choice of lengths

Lastly I layered whole mushrooms, sprinkled with a little more dried thyme, (mushrooms and thyme go perfect together)

Cover, place in preheated 325 degree oven, start checking at 1 1/4 hours, your oven, your vessel, and your size pieces will determine time and how you prefer your doneness of your ingredients

Serve plain, as is with a slotted spoon, or over rice or mashed potato with the broth

Leftover broth can be thickened for a gravy or made thinner with more beef broth and turned into a yummy soup

And if you are lucky enough to have leftovers, dice them up for that soup, or make a yummy hash!!

Once again, this is a very tweakable recipe, potatoes can be added, squash, turnip, parsnips etc. can be used, your kitchen your choice!!

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