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Got Leftover Fish? Any Kind? You Are Halfway There! Today's Haddock Cakes, Tips!!

We've all been there a time or two. Gone out to eat and everything on the menu just looks too good to pass up. Or maybe our eyes are bigger then our belly this time, or a special of the day catches our eye that we could not pass up, and hello, we have leftovers. Fish is one of the hardest leftovers to imagine. There are lots of variety in fish kinds/types available these days, thanks to the demand for more fish dishes for health reasons. I might also add, we are fish lovers, so frequent places that have fish on the menu, and eat plenty of it at home. So many times we have eaten out I have spotted people leaving plates that have a good amount of fish leftover. With the prices these days to even eat out, it seems such a shame to me, probably because my mother always reminded me that poor kids go hungry some times, and or her fav, waste not, want not. Thank you, mom.

I am well aware that crab cakes are the most favorite fish cake, and yes, I love them too. However, I have found through the years that any flaky fish makes a great fish cake, from crab to shrimp to lobster, to haddock, sole, cod, salmon, you name it I have made them. So my question to you is why not take home the leftovers and create something yummy for your family?? Evan a fish chowder, which I have a recipe for on here, works with leftover fish!!!

Tip: If you are lucky enough to have a well seasoned piece of fish, you will not even need much in the way of spices.

Today's cakes I made were already seasoned, so I just added a little dill, turmeric, dried thyme and black pepper.

Here is what I did today:

A heaping cup of flaked precooked haddock

Couple palmfuls of Italian bread crumbs, maybe 1/3 cup or little more

1 beaten egg

Dill, thyme, turmeric and black pepper to taste or about 1/2 teaspoon of each, (sorry I forget measurements as I am not a measurement cook usually), or to taste

Few squirts of fresh lemon

Mix all together, let sit if possible 30 minutes in fridge (good tip for any and all cakes of all kinds, to firm them up a little)

Fry or bake your favorite way (I fried in a little coconut oil this time) 4 minutes on each side or until done to your liking

Tip: Give some fish cakes a try, spice em the way you like, cook them the way you like, use them the way you like, even a fish cake sandwich works, we love them on toasted English muffins with cheese melted on top, or cole slaw, or both, always remember, it is your kitchen, your choice!!

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