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My 2 Ingredient Chix Marinade, Flavor And Tenderizer All In One, Can't Beat That!!

As you know I love coconut rice and have a recipe on here for that. What you don't know is my favorite thing to eat with it is my marinated chicken chunks. Why? you ask. Simple, my marinade includes pineapple juice along with one other flavorful ingredient that I love, lite soy sauce. I generally prefer bone in, skin on chicken breasts, most of the time, flavor and moistness from bone and skin for that reason. But sometimes boneless skinless breasts can also be flavorful and tender and juicy. If you follow my recipe, you should get that result!! If you want to add a touch more interest you can also add garlic powder to the marinade. In my family we have someone who does not and cannot do garlic so I just leave it out.

Here is my simple recipe:

IN your baggie or dish or however you marinade place:

2 boneless chicken breast chunk pieces, see photo for size, about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 piece chunks

1 6 0z can or 6 ozs of 100 percent pineapple juice

1/3 to 1/2 cup of lite soy sauce or soy sauce of choice

Garlic powder to taste (optional)

Squish together now and then and marinate at least 3-4 hours in fridge

Remove from marinade when ready to use and pat dry with paper toweling, DO not omit this step or pieces will steam not fry

Spray a coated pan with olive oil spray, lightly, turn on heat add pieces, spray lightly on top and add some spices of choice, preferably something green works perfect here

Cook over med high heat for 4 minutes on first side, then turn pieces over and cook an additional 3-4 minutes, check after 3 minutes, as thickness will determine rest of timing. Once to desired doneness let set couple minutes to let juices redistribute

If pieces are not tender and juicy, you cooked too long, practice makes perfect!!!

NOTE: I use my grill pan, but it is not really necessary as long as it is a coated pan because the pieces caramelize from the marinade

Another tip, if you are planning on reheating the pieces, cook a minute less, reheating well done chicken can toughen it

These are also good just plain, as an appetizer, or any other ways you can invent, once again, your kitchen your choice!!!

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