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Squash Stuffed Chicken Apple Sausage Links, Give These A Try!!

Oven 375 25 minutes

If you are a shopper then you have seen all the yummy sausage choices available today. I am a hugh fan of sausages. I like the precooked flavored ones, the Italian ones, the plain ones, patties, links, blocks and so forth and so on. One of my fav ones to use is the chicken apple sausages. Today I happened to have some on hand and decided I wanted something different to do with them. Thus today's blog recipe was born.

I am also a fan of all squash, butternut being my favorite, and had one of those on hand, and of course with my squash I have to have apple flavor somewhere or somehow. I usually simmer my squash with apples in half apple juice and half water, mash add some Herbes de Provence, some pepper and am good to go. TIP: if you want dryer squash or even potatoes for that matter, always put your drained item back on your burner to burn off the liquid that always seems to stay in the pan before using, If you are steaming or baking of course no need to do that.

Here is what I did today:

Sliced my link sausages lengthwise not quite all the way through, amounts of choice, making my boat

Cooked my squash and peeled apple mix and mashed, leftover works just as good here too

Layered/stuffed my sausage links with the mixture

Placed in a lightly sprayed dish/pan

Baked in a 375 degree oven for 25 minutes or until sausages are cooked through!

This would also be good with mashed potato in place of squash, or grab your favorite links and create a combination, your kitchen your creation!

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