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Down With Boring Flavorless Shrimp!! Up With Bursting Flavor!!!

Nope no shrimp in my photo, just simmering flavor!! As I have said before, shrimp is my fav fish, followed by crab legs and then lobster. Shrimp is the easiest of the three to prepare and the quickest. However, to me precooked frozen shrimp is tasteless and sometimes tough or watery, so I prefer cooking my own from scratch. Even the precooked shrimp in the fish department can be overcooked, undercooked and no flavor. Even busy people can do fresh shrimp, at 4 minutes for large or 5 for jumbo it is done and ready to go!! But most of all flavor can be added especially if you are using for a shrimp cocktail or a shrimp salad, flavor ups the dish to another level.

This flavor combo is my go to for my fresh shrimp, however, no exact measurements, another words just some of each, but always the same ingredients works well for me. Here is what I use, but of course your kitchen your choice, experiment with different combos you might like. Once you have cooked your own, I guarantee you will be wondering why you never did before!!

Here is what I do:

To your water you will be cooking them in add to taste, but don't skimp:

Some lemon slices

A couple bay leaves

Celery pieces including a few leaves

Some seafood boil spices, see photo

Curry powder(optional)

Bring this to a slow simmer for a few minutes, turn up heat, then add your fresh shrimp, stir then back to simmer for 4-5 minutes

I have also started to cook with the shells on after reading that shells equal flavor also,(you are never to old to learn) of course that is your choice, let cool, then they peel very easy, the shells should basically fall right off

Give this a try, or try your own spice combinations, garlic powder in place of the curry powder is great too!

Please note: I have several recipes on here that use or include shrimp!!

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