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Simple, Quick, Who Needs Takeout? Pork, Shrimp, Red Peppers, Pineapple!! Rice??

We love Chinese food, but sometimes it doesn't love us. The sodium, msg, spices and sauces are not always to our liking. However, we do get it off and on, in a pinch, and are very selective in our choices. For this reason I like to make what I call my sort of Chinese dishes, and I am then in control of what goes in them. Of course I have the time, if you work or have a family and are on the go 24/7 take out is a must. Today I whipped up a dish with my fav ingredients, tossed in a small amount of lite soy sauce and was good to go. Yes, today we had on white rice, which I had cooked another day, and reheated in the microwave for a couple minutes! Note: all these ingredients can be made the day before and assembled at time needed.

Here is what I did:

Cut up a small pork tenderloin in chunks, marinated for a couple hours in some pineapple juice and lite soy sauce, in equal amounts,drained and dried and set aside(this will help tenderize the pork)

I also cooked some shrimp from scratch my favorite way, but have also used bought/precooked at times

Defrosted a bag of frozen pineapple chunks, fresh can also be used of course, or canned as a last resort

Cut up a red pepper in strips, (orange, yellow, or a combo of all 3 works great also)

Prepared my pan(you do want a pretty hot pan here) then tossed in the red pepper strips and pork chunks for several minutes, then added my pineapple chunks and sautéed for 5 minutes, stirring all a few times, then I added my precooked shrimp for another 2-3 minutes, then finished off with a tablespoon of lite soy sauce sprinkled on top. This is the method I always use and have never been unhappy, Of course the size of your pork pieces will determine your times, and how you like yours done, practice makes perfect!

It is great on rice, but also just as good as is, of course it is your kitchen your choice!!!

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