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Find A Tradition You Like And Have Fun With It, Black Eyed Peas, Luck Anyone???

First of all I need to apologize to my many subscribers to my blog. Unbeknownst to me, many of you have not been getting the notice of a new blog posting/recipe for a while, as there was a glitch in my shoutout notice setup. Hopefully the problem has now been straightened out, once again so sorry. Please take a peek as a lot of new recipes have been posted recently!! Of course if you are my friend on face book then you have gotten them!!

Todays post/recipe is again coming from my daughter, Heidi, and my love of superstitions and folklore, we always say anything that might bring us a little luck, bring it on. For many years now as you know from last years New Years post we have eaten black eyed peas on New Years Day, tho some say it is supposed to be New Years eve. I have always preferred New Years day for some reason which escapes me now. We started out with hoppin John which was simple enough and seemed to be a hugh favorite way to eat them. However in the last few years I have gone off in a different direction and decided to create my own concoctions, figuring as long as even a couple peas are eaten who cares. I will admit the peas are not really a hugh favorite of mine, but like I said, luck is !! and I like to think maybe it did help in some small way, of course there are other new years good luck superstitions/traditions out there, check some out and have a little fun!!

Here is what I created today: (please note I do have a recipe posted last new years using the black eye peas)

Amounts of each tailored to your liking:

Crushed, diced or chopped tomato, fresh or canned

Black eyed peas, canned, rinsed and drained well

Spices of choice

Bacon lardons of choice (optional) but pork is usually traditional with the black eyed peas

Precooked shrimp, size of choice

My something green (to further enhance the chance of luck) green beans

Heat all together until hot, serve on your favorite pasta, rice, baked potato, or alone as a side dish or meal topped with a fav cheese of some kind once again your kitchen your choice!

Happy 2020 to everyone, hope for a fantastic, safe and healthy year for all of you and your families, and once again thanks for having me in your life with my posts!!!!!

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