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Sometimes You Just Need A Bunless Cheeseburger Or Something Like It!!

I am not a big beef fan, and we rarely have beef in our house, once a year prime rib for a holiday and a burger or a meat loaf now and then. Today was a day I was craving some beef and a cheeseburger with my fixins that I love, everyone of course has their own idea of what their fixins should be! I also just happened to have precooked turkey bacon which I favor, and a meat loaf already made. So all in all this was a perfect time to create something yummy and of course simple and quick!

I have seen recipes here and there with meatballs on a stick with fixins, but I don't care for the shape or size they are for this recipe. With meat loaf you can cut to size you want, even some pieces bigger then others, etc. just a matter of preference. You of course would/could also use your bacon of choice and cheese of choice, will list what I used in the recipe below:

Precooked bacon of choice, size pieces of choice, I used turkey bacon today

Premade meat loaf cut in size and shape of choice, I made squares today

Cheese of choice in size and shape of choice, I used Monterey Jack today

Pickle of choice, I used dill hamburger slices (my fav pickle)

Layer in order you desire, I like the order I have in my picture, but your kitchen, your choice!!

I also served with a maple syrup Dijon mustard sauce I whipped up not being a fan of ketchup

I found my combination excellent, but really, this is such a tweakable idea, I see turkey meat loaf, regular bacon, cheddar cheese and of course the same my fav pickle in my future!!!

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