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Holiday Party Worthy Turkey Bacon Wrapped Shrimp So Easy!!

I am a hugh shrimp fan, indeed I have several recipes on here with shrimp. Shrimp is easy to work with, equally good plain or dressed up, and quick to cook and just plain delicious! This recipe today also includes my previous recipe posted, the rhubarb pineapple ham glaze. Like with ham, I also sometimes like my shrimp dressed up. I am also a fan of bacons, use all kinds but today I went with turkey bacon for a change of pace.

Here is what I did:

Amount of shrimp desired, peeled and deveined

Pat dry, if shrimp is too moist will steam not crisp off the bacon nicely

Wrapped each shrimp in 1/2 slice of turkey bacon then secured with a toothpick

Next I preheated my Grill pan on medium high so bacon fat would drain off (note or could bake in oven on a rack of some sort)

Added shrimp (lightly sprayed pan) and cooked on one side 3-4 minutes depending on size of shrimp, bacon should be nice and crisp before turning

Turned over and cooked on other side about 3 minutes once again check bacon underneath to be sure it is well done

Turn off heat and top with a small dollop of whatever topping you are using, mine today was my own but have also glazed shrimp in the past with apricot or peach jam or orange marmalade, let set 1 minute

Remove from pan, serve, remember to remove toothpicks before enjoying

Note: I use tongs when I turn and remove these to serving platter, works great for me but once again I say your kitchen your choice!!

Note: mentioned above these could be baked on a rack in the oven, I have never bothered to do that, but know there are recipes out there that use that method so googled for anyone wanting to and 450 for 15 minutes on a rack seemed to be the most popular!

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