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Another Leftover Idea, Think Cream Cheese, Think A Win Win!!!

We've all or at least a lot of us have had the cream cheese with pickles and chip beef spread, and believe me I love it scrambled in my eggs or even on my baked potato, don't knock it till you try it!! Bottom line I am a fan of cream cheese plain and simple. So anytime I have a condiment or two left over I "cream cheese it" as I like to say. Today was no exception and in the process I got rid of two more leftover items, a win win as they say!!

There are all kinds of cream cheese types out there, regular, fat free, light, Neufchatel (1/3 light) etc. blocks and soft tubs! I prefer the blocks and buy several when they go on sale.

They do have a cream cheese and olive spread that I really like, it has green olives, but I have never met an olive I didn't like, so my leftover this time was black olives, my all time favorite. So I just chopped them up and added to room temperature cream cheese and was good to go. I used half a block for this, and lots of olives, amounts are to liking. Of course green work great also. Another leftover gone, Yay!

For the other half of my softened block I made another of my favorites, cream cheese and cranberry sauce. I have never tried with the jellied, however, I always have my own made from scratch. Start with a couple tablespoons and go from there, depends on how much cream cheese you are working with. Another leftover gone!! Yay!!

This is not an add this is just my preference with spreads, the Vt cracker, which is not salty at all and a little thicker to spread on, versus saltines that tend to break easily. Of course it is your kitchen, so your favorite cracker is what you would use!! Bottom line, think cream cheese anytime you have a little dab of this or that!!!!!

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