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Simple, Basic And Fast, Don't Toss Those Leftovers Just Yet!!!

Oven 350 or 375 or freeze!

For some reason in our house leftovers always seem to end up being turkey, stuffing, mashed potato and gravy! the sides and desserts have long disappeared! But that is fine with us because then I whip up my simple casserole we all love. Sometimes I make small ones in the little mini foil pans (unbaked) (see photo) for the freezer for another time. Sometimes I have the casserole the next day for a change of pace, and sometimes I make ones to give away, depends on my mood that day! Of course if you have big eaters and want to make a casserole to freeze, use a much larger dish/pan. This is a simple way to reheat those leftovers all in one dish, and a great way to alleviate those many dishes crowding up your fridge!!

Here is what I do:

Spray a baking/casserole dish/pan

Add chopped turkey chunks of choice, white, dark or some of both, amount of choice

Next layer in a good amount of your gravy

Next a nice layer of your stuffing/dressing, amount of choice

Finally a layer of your mashed potato, amount of choice

Can top with some spices of choice or pats of butter or leave plain

Cover with foil and bake 20 minutes or so

Uncover and bake until bubbly, time will depend on thickness, your oven temp, and size of dish you use

Do not bake if freezing for later use

If freezing for later, treat as you would any frozen tv dinner when reheating

I serve with extra gravy on the side and I have to have cranberry sauce to top mine off with once served, your kitchen your choice!!

Note: if you have a basic plain veggie feel free to toss it in a layer, but for some reason green bean casserole, Brussels sprouts and or squash recipes didn't sound good to me, so go with no veggies in ours!!

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