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I Am So Dough Challenged Super Fast Peach Shortcake!! (But So What???)

Many, many, many years ago I admitted defeat on making from scratch dough anything, breads, biscuits, pie crusts, you name it. Even now, I have problems always with the ready made biscuit dough mix you can buy in the store. Today, for instance, after following closely or so I thought the simple instructions, my biscuit dough stuck to my chopping block/board, to my fingers, to my biscuit cutter, and I even had some on the floor, how the heck did that even happen? Needless to say, I have some strange looking biscuits at times. The reason I was annoying myself again was that I decided we needed some peach shortcake. Ok, I thought, maybe today will be the day I master just the premade mix. No such luck, but that didn't stop me. Here is what I finally ended up making and my peach shortcake was a go, and I might add delicious, even tho the biscuits were flat as a pancake, now what happened? Yup, that is not a cookie in my photo, that is my biscuit!!!!

Never underestimate frozen fruits for desserts in a hurry or on a whim. My favorite I try to keep on hand is frozen sliced peaches, along with of course, my hubbies never ending need for ginormous bags of frozen blueberries. Any fruit works here however. Here is what I did:

First I started my frozen peaches about 2 cups, 1/3 can of pineapple juice and some cinnamon going to of course thaw out, but also to caramalize a little bringing out the flavors even more. I let these putt away while I made my biscuit attempt.

I just used the instructions on the box, adding some more cinnamon, sugar of course being the necessity for a shortcake biscuit.

Any fruit can be used, any juice can be used, any spice can be used, I have even used pre bought shortcake biscuits, but where is the challenge in that? If you want a quick dessert give this a try!! We decided this still was a two thumbs up!!

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