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Spring Spiralized Casserole, You Pick The Kind Of Veggie Noodle, Then Create!!

Spring has sprung, sort of finally, and everyone now is looking for some nice light meals and a change of pace from winter comfort foods. I am a fan of spiralized veggies, but not doing the actual work. There are times when one is busy, and it is ok to get the prep work done for you, doesn't make you a bad person or bad cook/chef. This week when I shopped I had the choice of butternut squash spirals, sweet potato or the old stand by zucchini. Today I decided on the squash because as I like to say, "I am zucchinied out right now", (don't think there is such a word tho). I knew I wanted some other veggies and a little beef for a changeup from my ground turkey I generally lean towards, a little beef can go a long way. This is what I came up with, and might I say it was thumbs up in my opinion. I also had a few items hanging out in my fridge and tossed those in the mix as well. Butternut squash tends to be on the sweet side so made sure all my ingredients countered the sweetness for this dish. Of course you can skip the ground beef, your kitchen your choice. Here is what I did:

Oven 350 time 25-30 minutes.

Precooked my spirals for 5 minutes, drained well, 1 container, about 3 good cups


1/2 pound ground round, or amount of choice, (optional)

1 cup sliced Portobello mushrooms, or amount of choice

1 multi colored bell pepper diced, or amount of choice

1/3 cup of sliced scallions, or amount of choice

Spices of choice I used garlic powder, turmeric, Fines Herbs, black pepper

Until hamburg was cooked, and veggies were crisp tender about 10 minutes, Adding my fresh asparagus last 2 minutes, amount of choice

Placed the spirals in lightly sprayed casserole dish

Topped with the hamburg veggie mixture with juices, and 1 1/4 cups of diced Monterey Jack cheese, I diced ahead of time

Using my tongs I carefully mixed it all up and then baked.

Baked at 350 25 minutes. Time will depend on size of your dish and your oven and thickness

I served mine with a dollop of light sour cream on the side

This a very tweakable recipe, leftover friendly, and reheats great!!

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