Surprise Spaghetti Pie, Too Simple, Too Good!! And Fast!!

Oven 350 Time 35-40 minutes

In our family we are fond of a good casserole now and then, especially pasta related ones, and now with all the different types of pasta from whole grain, to whole wheat, gluten free, chic pea, veggie flavored and so forth, there is never a reason not to make one once in a while, they reheat well, get better with age, and last almost a week. This recipe, however, works best with angel hair pasta another family favorite. It is simple, can be fashioned to your choice of "surprise" ingredients, (the ingredients you do not see until the casserole is served up, surprise!!) and delicious, what more do you need? The recipe would help I am guessing and here is what I did:

I made my usual macaroni and cheese sauce, everyone has one, and if you don't, I have one on here in Miss Madilyn's mac and cheese. Everyone has a favorite veggie or more then one, and everyone has a scrambled meat preference or if not, a nice sautéed hearty mushroom to replace the scrambled meat with, leftovers work great here also.

The amounts will depend on the amounts you make for your size family. Precook the veggies of choice and scramble the meat choice, then layer in your sprayed casserole dish. I used ground turkey this time and broccoli florets and whole grain angel hair pasta.

I break my angel hair pasta into thirds, cook, drain and set aside. In same pan make my mac and cheese sauce, type or types of cheese your choice. Then add in the angel hair precooked pasta,( most recipes call for 4-5 minutes).

Next I pour the pasta/cheese mix over the broccoli and ground turkey and spread it around to completely cover them, top with a little something green for a spice and parmesan cheese. Then bake covered for 20 minutes and uncovered for 15 or until done to liking. (please note thickness of your casserole, size dish, and your oven can vary time)

This recipe reminds me of a quiche, minus the eggs, same idea except it is topped with the pasta instead. This is definitely a your kitchen your choice recipe, enjoy!!

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