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Got A Cabbage, Got A Red Onion, Got Apple Juice? Now It's A Side Dish!!

Right now cabbage is a great buy at the market. St. Patrick's Day is upon us, and corned beef and cabbage is popular, at least with most of us. For some, however, it is not a favorite, but no problem. Cabbage is a versatile veggie, and a lot can be done with it, some complicated and some simple. I generally opt for simple these days, few ingredients and easy. Like most dishes, this gets better overnight. This is what I do:

Slice 1 red onion thinly

Slice 1 cabbage thinly

Toss in a lightly sprayed crockpot

Add some spices of choice, I like dried thyme with cabbage

Add 1/2 cup of apple juice (if larger crockpot 2/3 cup might be needed) see note below

Cook on high 2 hours stirring once if possible, if not that's ok too, or till done to your liking

Serve with a little of the juice and dot with a pat of butter (optional)

Note: I have an old 3 1/2 cup crockpot, fill 3/4 full and it is always done to my liking in 2 hours, the amounts of the ingredients, the thickness you cut them, and the size of crockpot may change the time plus or minus.

This could also be done stovetop, of course meaning less time, but for some reason I like it way better in the crock pot! your kitchen, your choice.

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