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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, It's Up To You!!

I love breakfast foods, but breakfast not so much. Give me lots of coffee, and a quick something, and off I go. Omelets are a favorite at another time of day, but creating first thing in the morning just does not appeal to this cook, and to me, an omelet should be interesting and full of great things. Another favorite of mine any other time of day is my mashed potato patty topped with a nice farm fresh chicken egg and some smokehouse bacon pieces (lardons if you must). Living in an area where within a few minutes you can get to any of two smokehouses, bacon and ham is it's finest, and yes our own farm eggs, and yes, I do have a few other recipes with eggs on here, because even to buy, they are one of the most reasonably priced food items out there!!

I know, this can be made rather quickly for breakfast, but at 6 a.m. sounds like just too much work. We, in our house eat breakfast for lunch or dinner most always. This 3 ingredient dish is usually made with leftover mashed potato, made into a nice patty and fried until it has a nice crust on one side then flipped and gotten another crust on the other side, do not rush them. Then removed from pan, plated, and my egg fried then placed on top of the patty and topped with my precooked bacon pieces. How simple is that? This can even be done all in one pan, bacon first, drain grease if any, potato patty next, remove, plate, fry your egg way you like!! voila you are done....

Feel free to use any kind of mashed potato, have even used instant in a real pinch. No matter what you use just be sure the potato is not too thin and wet, or they will not fry up nicely. Do not rush them and let them get that nice brown crust. Poached eggs also work great here, as does sautéed thin sliced ham pieces, or even some shredded cheese in place of the meats, your kitchen, your choice.


Precooked bacon ( ham pieces or both)

Precooked mashed potato

Egg, fried or poached


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