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Nacho Casserole, Nachos, Nacho Pie, Call It What You Want In Your Kitchen!!!

Oven 375 time 15-20 minutes

One of my favorite snack foods is nachos, tortilla chips, round, triangle, etc., but my fav are the scoops. I love that you can scoop up some yumminess and not battle your toppings falling off. I also love to use them on the bottom of what I call my nacho casserole. I have made in the past this casserole with all kinds of toppings, mainly what I had on hand and of course you have to have cheese, sour cream and even avocado if you are so inclined for toppings. Today I was in the mood for some and here is what I did with what I had on hand: Please note this will make a softer nacho, if you are big on a crispy nacho then this may not be for you!

Lightly spray your pan/casserole dish or whatever, amounts are entirely up to you:

Layered my scoops first, of course

Topped that with a layer of white beans

Topped that with a layer of diced thin sliced ham

Next came my salsa, mild for me (your choice of heat, and if desired add in some other heat choices, jalapenos etc.)

Then came my fav shredded cheese, Monterey Jack, your choice here of course

Lastly came my sliced black olives

Any of these items are optional, your nachos your choice

Baked at 375 for 15-20 minutes, will depend on thickness of your casserole, size and kind of pan/dish etc. until heated through

Served warm with fat free Greek yogurt this time, another of my favorite toppings

And this reheats well too, Bonus!!

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