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Orange And Cauliflower Combo, No Way, Yes Way!! And So Simple!!

It was one of those days, almost grocery shopping day, but not quite, so time to hit the fridge for a side dish idea! I love apples cooked with cabbage or butternut squash, but the idea of apple and cauliflower just didn't trip my trigger, or as I like to say, sounded ewww to me. I did, however have a couple of oranges hanging out for a while waiting to be the something different in a recipe., and so this was born, and I might add don't say gross until you try it, if you are a fan of the few ingredients in this dish, you will be saying like I did, "why didn't I think of this before"? Please read entire recipe.

Here is what I did:

Peeled and sliced in round thin slices then half moons 1 large navel orange, saving any juice that might appear

Sliced thin 4 cloves of garlic, or garlic flavored oil would work great here also

Steamed a bag of cauliflower florets, then let drain for a few minutes, or any precooked cauliflower would work here

Then I sautéed the garlic on medium heat in some olive oil about 2 TBSP (or amount of choice) for 2 minutes, stirring constantly(see my note below)

Then I added the cauliflower and some Herbes de Provence and black pepper both to taste and sautéed until starting to brown

Then I added the orange half moon slices and juice and a few pieces of the peel for added flavor

Sauteed all of this for another few minutes until everything is hot and the oranges were heated through, remove peel, serve!

Note: be careful you do not burn your garlic slices or they will be bitter so stir frequently or you can remove them after the first 2 minutes and add back in with the orange pieces for the last few minutes, your kitchen your choice!

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