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Provolone Crust, Salmon, Red Pepper Quiche, Or Your Crust Of Choice!!

I love quiche, but have stated before not a fan of pie crusts. One of my favorite ways to bypass the crust is to use cheese, thin slices, and forget the shredded cheese in the filling, rather using more healthier choices to fill in for the cheese. Today I had poached a huge piece of fresh salmon and had a lot leftover so decided to make a quiche from some of the leftovers, again I say leftovers are always a gift if you are a cook, that and a little bit of imagination. This combo is one of my all time favorites for a quiche, and I make this quite often. Here is what I do/did: Please read entire recipe through before making:

350 degree oven, preheated. 35-40 minutes, ALWAYS let a quiche rest right out of oven before cutting into!

6 thin slices of provolone cheese covers my casserole/quiche/pie dish, more or less would be used depending on your dish size

6 large eggs, beaten

1 1/4 cup of milk of choice

1 1/2 cups of salmon chunks, or amount of choice

1 small red pepper, diced and sautéed a few minutes to drain out some of the liquid, or amount of choice

Spices of choice, I used 2 TBSP of Fines herbs, and black pepper

Lightly spray then Line your dish with your cheese, or whatever crust or no crust you prefer

Beat eggs and milk and spices well

Layer your salmon and peppers or whatever you are using on your cheese, (crust)

Carefully pour mixture over salmon and peppers

Bake in your 350 degree oven, till set, should start to puff around edges, can check by pressing on top should be firm

Of course as always all ovens are different and dishes different size, so times may vary a little, depending on this!

Note: I always prefer a fresh cooked salmon in all my recipes, however have many times used canned in a pinch, I find the canned can have a stronger flavor, so tend to use a little less if using canned. Please note I have a recipe on here for poaching salmon, my preferred way to fix for this recipe and my salmon patties, your kitchen, your choice!!

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