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Spaghetti Squash Topping Bordering On Chinese Takeout Flavor, Eyes Closed And Taste!! Calories Be Go

I never turn up my nose at any spaghetti squash, or spaghetti squash topping. I will and have tried a lot of them through the years, or should I say ever since spaghetti squash became one of the newer food fads, tho it has died off some/recently as newer fads have come along. Today I was craving something bordering on a Chinese kind of recipe/dish, but not, if you know what I mean. So my search of my staples began, and this is what came out of it, and might I add, will be made on a regular basis from here on out. Sometimes the simpler the better, or maybe most times it should be. Here is what I did...Once again, please read entire recipe through before starting, maybe even more then once!!

Roasted a small spaghetti squash, any way you like, I have another recipe on here describing what I do, and of course can always be done ahead. This took about 30 minutes, it was small!

While this was roasting I scrambled my ground pork, in a little pan spray, (I should say here I have started using more ground pork, along with my will always use ground turkey), just my preference, beef would work here also I am sure, along with 5 whole large garlic cloves, and spices


Black Pepper

Thyme, all to taste

This took about 12-14 minutes

Then I added my broccoli florets which I had defrosting from a frozen bag in my freezer while everything was cooking, REMOVED from heat, and ADDED my lite soy sauce and marinade combo Chinese sauce (your choice of type) there are many out there these days

Then I COVERED and left for the broccoli to get to a crisp tender stage, (your own preferred type of broccoli here is fine too)

Once the squash was done I hollowed some out and topped with my pork and broccoli concoction, even though this was not from a Chinese restaurant, it was really tasty, and reminded me of my pork and broccoli over rice dish I have gotten through the years, so for me it was a win win, fewer calories, great taste!!!

Note: I use my favorite Hatfield brand ground pork and meats, very little fat is ever left in the pan, however, if you use something else that you find does leave a lot of fat in your pan you might want to drain most of it out before adding the broccoli and sauce or sauces.

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