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In A Hurry? My Turkey Meatballs And Cabbage Soup Might Do The Trick!!

It's that time of year, everyone is sick everywhere you go, one minute we are all fine the next minute we are not. In my house one of us is battling bronchitis, the other one a terrible cold. And to most, soups immediately come to mind. Of course chicken soup tops the list and I do have a recipe for that on this blog, also. However, I get to the point where enough is enough and most often dig out my bag of frozen turkey meatballs I like to keep on hand for many recipes when I am in a hurry. (Any frozen meatball works here however) Here is one place I buy the premade frozen product as I do not have the patience to make the small meatballs or any meatball, and if I am out of the frozen I have many many, times just used chopped up meat loaf. Today I had the meatballs and went to work on my soup.

Here is what I did: (let meatballs defrost a little while doing this first step)

Used a small amount of broth and simmered the following:

A diced small red onion

4 small diced carrots

Note: would have also used celery but was out of it today

5 very small garlic cloves, left whole

1 large bay leaf

1/2 very small diced cabbage

Spices of choice, I used thyme and an Italian combo

Broth of choice

Once the veggies got tender, will depend on size 5-10 minutes, I then added 10 small precooked, thawed, meatballs quartered, and 2 pints of homemade chix broth let simmer 5 minutes and voila, soup

Of course like anything, this gets better the next couple days, when not in a hurry I generally make my soups the day before we are having, but not today, we needed something quick. I will also add some small precooked pasta or rice when I serve it and lots of fresh ground black pepper.....

Hope those who aren't feeling well, get better soon, you all know who you are!!

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