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Love Traditions, Black Eyed Peas Not As Much, Luck & Prosperity!! 2019

I love traditions/beliefs that other people believe in and or follow, and am always up to join in and give them a whirl. When we moved to Florida years ago I learned of a southern tradition/belief I had never heard of until then. The belief by some that black eyed peas eaten at New Years will bring luck and prosperity for the coming year, but then that is where we get lost in the shuffle as they say. There are as many ways to eat them for this luck and prosperity as there are peas in a can. Hoppin John, seeming to be the most popular recipe I could find at the time, and believe me, I ate and made a lot of it in those days. Let me also be clear here, I am not particularly fond of black eyed peas, but I am of luck and prosperity, so since living in the south have continued to eat black eyed peas to this day.

The most common of beliefs I found was that pork must be eaten with the peas, and something green, for riches/money, which to many in the south meant hog jowls and collard greens. Not for this girl was that ever going to happen. Because of those beliefs I made many different recipes through the years, and considered I was doing my part. Below is one of my favorite ones, simple, quick, and inexpensive. Not sure how much the black eyed peas have helped over the years, but have enjoyed thinking they may have.

Note here some also believe you eat New Years Eve, some New Years Day, if you are superstitious you could do both just to be safe. Hoping you all have a wonderful happy and healthy 2019 either way!!!!!!

Bacon in amount of choice, cut in large pieces

Potatoes, precooked crisp tender and diced in size pieces of choice(or canned rinsed well)

Diced red onion

Spices of choice

Something green, I used peas this time

Can of black eyed peas

Sautee bacon till almost crisp, remove from pan

Pour off all but 2 Tbsp bacon fat, or drain and add frying oil or spray of choice

Add onion and spices, sautee 3 minutes

Add potatoes and sautee 4-5 minutes more

Add your something green and your can of rinsed black eyed peas

Add bacon back in

Heat until everything cooked nicely through


This is great as a side dish or with an egg or as a main dish, entirely up to you!

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