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Toast Be Gone, Home Fried Potatoes Welcome, Simple Breakfast!! GF

This recipe was created simply by accident, no bread in the house, and truth be told, reheated French fries were originally used, but after that one time, moved on to one of our favorite foods, home fried potatoes. My favorite way to make them is simply from leftover baked potatoes. I generally buy the biggest ones I can find, and do extras. However small ones work fine too, but I just like to peel them after they are baked, and less potatoes means less peeling. I do, however, also leave the skins on for certain recipes, but for this one I tend to like them peeled, just my thing. I also like home fried potatoes with onion, but also, leave them out for this recipe. My story goes like this:

Mornings are not really my "thing", as they say, I am not really a breakfast food person, no cereal, milk, or toast, etc. for me, leftovers all the way. This one particular morning I decided to fix a couple of our yummy fresh chicken eggs, over easy, my favorite way. Wanting something to swirl around in the yummy soft yolk, I grabbed some leftover French fries from the day before and heated them in a pan, tossed my eggs on top, topped with a little shredded cheese and was good to go. Boom, it was an instant hit with me. But hardly ever having French fries leftover, I moved on to home fried potatoes as my base, something I have hanging around on a regular basis. Turned out they were even better, and so we have this simple recipe often, thanks to our hard working chickens even in this cold weather. Yes, leftover hash browns work great too, even had one time with a leftover hash brown patty. Once again my motto, never toss leftovers, restaurant leftovers, take them home, they save time and money and can even help you invent your next yummy dish.


Potato of choice

Eggs of choice, fried or poached works best


Toast be gone!

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