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Pretty As A Picture Stuffed Peppers, Yours Can Be Too!

Oven 375 degrees Time 30 minutes

Stuffed pepper recipes abound and it is hard to turn down a nice pepper, chuck full of goodness, especially this time of year.

There are all kinds of peppers these days even purple, and multi colored. I tend to gravitate to the colored ones, when on sale, just makes for a prettier dish, and I think the colored ones are sweeter in flavor. Just my thing. Also, they can be made a day or two ahead, then baked off when ready for them. And sure you can freeze them once they have been baked, but not really my thing either.

Yellow and orange peppers were on sale this week, so went with the yellow, my most favorite of all.

Next I needed something to stuff them with so decided my little containers of this n that in my freezer might be of help.

My niece, daughter and I go in these fazes when we start using up anything hanging around in freezer, fridge or cupboard, and create recipes with what we can find. That way we can add more things to all three and start all over again, and who doesn't enjoy a challenge, think Chopped on food network!!

Today my ingredients were rice, scrambled hamburg and a nice garden marinara sauce for starters. I proceeded to defrost all 3, added some turmeric, black pepper, Italian seasoning, shredded cheese, precooked bacon lardons, and my filling was born. I might add it was really tasty.

Placed peppers in a lightly sprayed dish, topped with a little more cheese, baked at 375 for 30 minutes, should be just tender. Note here, some people par boil the peppers, I am not a fan of that, but if that appeals to you, go for it. I find you get a much softer pepper that way, would rather have it just tender, you know what your family would like...If you wish to par boil first, 3-5 minutes is usually the recommended time by most.

As usual after stuffing my pepper halves, there was stuffing left over. This I froze for another day, for another recipe. I know the object was to clean out the freezer and make room, but I did at least downsize from 3 containers to 1.

The moral of my story is to once again say to you, don't toss leftovers, freeze for another day. You too can have fun creating something your family will appreciate and enjoy. Cooking is nothing more then a little ingenuity and imagination, if at first you don't succeed try again, if it fails, at least it was just leftovers, if it is a success, money saved, and who doesn't like that...….

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