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A Vitamin Pill In Your Pan, Roasted Veggies!! Pizza Topping?

Oven 450 Time 1 hour give or take!

Yes, there are roasted vegetable recipes posted daily. Every combination imaginable has been tried, so basically a roasted vegetable combo can be suited to what your family likes, nothing wasted that way. Leftovers can be used in a lot of different ways, from salads to wraps to pizza topping (seriously) potato or rice topping to a side dish and on and on. A fun idea would be to let everyone pick our their favorite vegetable or two on the condition they eat others picks as well as their own.

The most important thing in a veggie roast is to try and get the pieces about the same size. Cut your longest to cook items small, and your quick to cook items larger. The more colorful the dish the more it will resemble a vitamin loaded dish. Usually an hour will cook most vegetables, but testing is necessary towards the end, a good rule is always if they start to smell done, they probably are getting close. TRY not to turn too much so that a good crust forms on all sides.

My combo today was one of my favorites:

3 peeled russet Potatoes, cubed

1/2 Large butternut squash, cubed

Sliced thick red onion, to taste

1 Large yellow bell pepper cut in chunks

5 whole garlic cloves

Spices of choice

3 Tbsp of olive oil

Mixed all together in pan

Baked for 1 hour 10 minutes

Note: I also added some steamed fresh broccoli the last 15 minutes that were left from a previous day, any vegetable you have hanging out in your fridge can be added.

Give a veggie roast a try,

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