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Pork Chops, Bacon, And Maple Syrup Too, Oh YUM!!

I will admit we do not eat a lot of pork in our family. No reason why really, but for some reason we tend to lean toward fish and chicken in our aging years. However, it could also be that I am not that great at preparing pork, seems like work to me for some reason. I do not really have the patience for things that have to be "watched" as I like to say, or tenderness can be gone in a nano second and now we have tough meat. I also have to admit I am not allowed to cook burgers, steak or fried eggs when you know who is around. Through the years I have learned I stink at these when you know who says "I'll do that", when it is time for them to be prepared, OK!! Don't tell him, but those words are music to my ears.

I have adjusted my thinking on a crock pot however in preparing pork, there is pulled pork, which I have had a little success at, and then pork chops with some type of acid to tenderize, as in this dish with bbq sauce, then add in the maple syrup and bacon and how can you mess that up!! It is a well known fact acid will tenderize meat, tomato based marinades, citrus based marinades, a vinegar based marinade and on and on. Oops now I got off track, anyhow this is what I made today. I do also have another pork chop recipe on here baked in the oven, another way I can manage to make something eatable.

Hints on pork cooking, if possible cook on Low, low and slow for pork works best.

If time, browning for a few minutes on each side before adding to crock pot will make for a more flavorful chop

My chops were 1/2 inch thick, If 1 inch I generally add another half hour, if thick cut up to 1 1/2 inch add another half hour

My recipe is as follows:

4 pork chops, boneless, 1/2 inch thick

4 slices bacon

thyme, to taste

1/3 cup bbq sauce

1/3 cup maple syrup

garlic cloves amount of choice, I used 4 small

Browned chops (sprinkled with a little thyme on one side) 2 minutes on each side

Placed in lightly sprayed crock pot

Next Fried 4 pieces bacon in same pan fried chops in, then cut in half, placed on top of chops

Mixed the bbq sauce, maple syrup and garlic cloves and poured over chops and bacon

Sprinkled with a little more thyme (optional)

Cooked on low 3 1/2 hours, you would check after 4 if thicker chops used, each half hour as stated above

Serve a chop, some bacon, and garlic (if like) over rice, then top with juices in the crockpot

How can it miss?????

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