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Mushroom, Veggie, Cheese Casserole, Lurkers Be Gone!!

Oven 350 20-25 minutes

I don't know about you but I love mushrooms, all kinds, my favorite being cremini or baby portabello some call them. I do have another recipe on here for large portabellos also. I also am not a fan of the already sliced because of the recalls in this day and age for so many food products. I cannot without pausing not wash any so called pre washed veggies, but in the modern day busy world of wives and mothers, of course they are indispensable. The problem with mushrooms if they are cooked wet they toughen, and who has time to wipe dry every single slice in the package. The secret to tender mushrooms plain and simple is for them to be totally dry, and do not salt until the end of the dish, it draws out the moisture. Dried thyme is the spice du jour of the mushroom world, and black pepper totally rocks if your other family members like black pepper, hummmmm

Any time I start having a lot of unused limp vegetables lurking in my fridge I grab a box of mushrooms and something is created, therefore killing two birds with one stone! Any vegetable goes with mushrooms, another plus and any cheese, too.

Today I had a couple limp carrots, some red pepper strips a half used red onion and a block of Monterey Jack cheese getting dry so I grated that up.

Therefore this recipe belongs to you, your choice hanging out in your fridge, simple..

Never underestimate layering makes for a pretty dish and spreads out your ingredients all over your casserole dish.

Am sure I could have done this in the crockpot, but not fond of mushrooms that cook all day long, your choice.

I simply thin sliced my veggies, then sautéed a bit while I was fixing the mushrooms, that I wiped down with a damp paper towel, which I sliced on the thick side, and grated my cheese, about 10 minutes. Then I sprayed my loaf pan (mine is a pyrex glass), then I layered a layer of the mushrooms the sautéed veggies the shredded cheese sprinkled with the thyme (and black pepper if you can use, hmmmm) then another layer of mushrooms, veggies then cheese and a little more thyme, and popped in my 350 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.. then try a veggie or two for doneness the way you like it, I like mine a tad crisp tender so was done in 20 minutes, if not to your liking add 5-10 more minutes...

This is great as a side dish, a main dish, or on top of rice or pasta....

This can also be made ahead and baked a day or two later...

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