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Chickn'n Biscuits, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken And Dumplings, Chicken Soup, Common Denominator?

Through out my years of cooking, if I had a nickel for every time someone said they could not make the first 3 items listed I would be wealthy, as the saying goes, but yet they make chicken soup on a regular basis.. seriously!!!

And it also seems, a lot of them call any of the 3 something different. In my family, my mother was not a cook at all, so making a pie crust or biscuits unless it was a holiday, was out of the question, bisquick was the way to go. She dropped blobs of the bisquick mix on top and that was our chicken pot pie, worked for us. In trying to explain it to people through the years most said "oh, you mean chicken and biscuits, or "oh, you mean chicken and dumplings" and my reply was "no I mean chicken pot pie" and the debate went on through the years.

No matter what you call it in your family, it can be after all basically chicken soup thickened and topped with biscuits, pie crust or dumplings, HELLO, another words anyone can do/make it, and don't count out the bisquick mix, these days, they have GF, Low Fat, Flavored, Regular, etc. When we were first married and trying to make ends meet, I even went so far a few times as to buy a good quality canned chicken soup, thicken it, top with biscuits and was good to go.

Veggie pot pie can also be your fav vegetable soup, home made or a good quality canned.

Pictured is my chicken pot pie made with my basic chicken soup, (recipe on blog minus pasta) leftover, thickened and I, in honor of my mother, plopped bisquick on the top this time. I always use cornstarch and water for my thickening agent, directions on the container, but some people, I know use flour and water, your kitchen your choice.

I must confess here I do use bisquick biscuits most of the time, especially when in a rush.

No matter what you top yours with ALWAYS be sure your mixture is bubbling hot so the topping does not sog before it gets finished baking in a 400 degree oven until the topping whatever it might be is done.

Moral of my story, no matter what you call it, or how you make it, anyone can do it!!

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