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Not Your Traditional Hash Browns, Better, Did Someone Say Bacon???

Once again please read entire recipe, maybe more then once. In my house, hash browns are treated either like hash browns served with an egg and toast and bacon, ham or sausage, or hash topped with a crispy fried egg. To me they are basically the same thing, use up some yummy leftovers, or start from scratch, you can't go wrong or mess it up, seriously one of the simplest things to prepare, quick and cheap. You can get as fancy or as basic as you want, have never known anyone who does not like something yummy served to them, especially when it is home made.

Today my hash/browns, was made from scratch, altho I was using up fresh veggies that were getting short on shelf life. This was what I did: I diced close to the same size pieces: 1 really large raw potato 1/2 small uncooked butternut squash 2 carrots, raw, 1 medium, 1 small 1/2 medium onion Simmered them for 5-6 minutes depending on size, drained, keeping the broth for a soup another day Then fried slowly in coconut oil, or your oil of choice here, adding some black pepper and herbes de provence to taste until perfect crunch I wanted, about ten minutes Next I added some precooked Bacon Lardons (pieces) I made while the veggies were cooking Voila it was done.

Tips: yes, you can use part leftovers and part newly prepared, using up things hanging out in the fridge Notice I said save the simmering broth for another day or freeze for future soups or stews, liquid flavor gold Any spice combinations work here, try different combinations, you never know till you try.

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