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So Simple Anyone Can Do It, Dress Up That Chicken!

Rule number one of any recipe, read all the way through maybe even more then once..

Chicken recipes abound everywhere. The reason being it is so reasonable to buy, especially on sale and so easy to fix in so many ways...So today I am posting a way that I like, once again quick and few ingredients, my kind of cooking.

Stove top: 7-8 minutes, thickness matters

375 degree oven 10-12 minutes, thickness matters

The best idea for this recipe is nice fat boneless skinless chicken breasts. The reason being you are going to want to butterfly them, another words start at fattest side and slice through in the middle to open them up flatten them out and sprinkle with your fav spices, (should be about 3/4 inches thick) I used herbes de provence this time. Season well as boneless skinless breasts can be bland!!!

Next on stovetop heat an oven safe fry pan, spray lightly and fry the flattest side down about 7-8 minutes just until edges start to look cooked (white) will depend on thickness of pieces, then flip right side up and layer on a slice of your favorite cheese and some thin slices of your favorite apple on each side...then pop in a preheated 375 degree oven for 10-12 minutes, depending on thickness, check thickest part for doneness, spoon some of the pan gravy that will form over top if desired and serve...

What I used is as follows:

2 large fat breasts butterflied, will make 4 servings

4 slices of smoked gouda sliced cheese

1/2 really large honey crisp apple, sliced thin

herbes de provence to taste


If you can find them you can use already cut boneless chicken breast halves about 3/4 inches thick

You will want the flattest side fried first so when flipped it will hold your cheese and apple slices better

Place/start, your cheese nearest the fattest end of breast as might slide down as cooks, practice makes perfect

Thin slice your unpeeled apple

Test your fattest piece of chicken to check for doneness

Cut the butterflied breasts into two pieces before serving

Serve with some yummy mashed potatoes and a nice gourmet mustard, Enjoy!!

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