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Pre Prepped Butternut Squash Made Simple, If You Have The Inkling To Try!

I cannot count the times I have heard through the years that I don't do squash as it is too hard and time consuming to fix. Or we only have it on the holidays because it is a lot of work. Not really if you have the tools and a few minutes. Of course they do have it peeled and ready to cook sometimes and especially around the holidays, and it is a time saver for sure. You are going to pay extra for it already being ready to go, and at times that is great also, but if you have the time, fixing it yourself also has its perks, being cheaper and buying it as is it will keep a whole lot longer, even on your kitchen counter, and even longer in a cool dry place or your vegetable drawer in your fridge. I have pre prepped it and kept a week at least before cooking, probably longer.

Of course there are all ways to roast as well, but if you are in a hurry, already pre prepped stove top is easy and quick. And crock pot recipes abound as well.

Anyhow, if you have the inkling to pre prep your own, it is truly simple, at least to me.

My photo, yes, one photo, no videos for my recipes, and not a lot of photos, just simple is my motto, shows the way I do it.

First I cut off each end, then I stand upright on the fattest end and just slice down the length.

Next I scoop out the seeds

Then I cut into pieces, depending on the size usually 3

Then with a sharp paring knife, a tool I cannot live without, I peel

Finally I dice or chop into the size pieces I will be working with

Simple as that


Always try to buy the longer neck squash, much meatier

Some people use carrot peeler for peeling but I find a paring knife works best for me, your choice

Try simmering in a little of your fav juice, like apple or pineapple when doing really small amounts, for a different flavor concept

Also I like par boiling dices and making squash home fries, add a little apple and onion and you are good to go.

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