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Sure Applesauce Can Be More Interesting, Imagination Helps!!

And another fall/winter season is upon us. Fall is my fav time of year, so are fall recipes and ingredients abound at farmer's markets winding down, at least here in Vermont! Time to stock freezer for those lazy winter days when something home cooked comforts us as we wait for spring again...Also thank you to the several new joiners who have recently joined my blog....

In our family applesauce has always been a staple. When the kids were little and even now that they are grown and gone, we are still applesauce lovers....As you know from my recipes through the last few years, I, however, am not your traditional recipe cook, or even eater...I most often am changing up a recipe before I even start it in my mind to jazz it up as I like to say. Applesauce is one of those recipes. It is fine as is, but the options are so much more interesting, and so simple anyone can make some.

This recipe is for my rhubarb applesauce, thanks to all the rhubarb donated to me by my neighbor, peeled and frozen for just this moment. thanks for that Moriah and kids!!

Not everyone has rhubarb you are saying/thinking, and you are right, so try some frozen peaches, or some berries, strawberries and raspberries work well here, or some other soft fruit your family loves....your applesauce, your choice.

I am fond of the crockpot for this, but it is also simple to do on your stove top, but needs watching, and who has time for that?

Spray crockpot lightly, always do this no matter what you are making, or at least I do, better safe then sorry I always say.

I have an old 3 1/2 quart crockpot, and here are my amounts, you can adjust a little if you have a larger one, there really is no bad way to make this, like I said anyone can do it.....

1 3 lb bag of apple of choice peeled cored and sliced right into pot

1 1/2 cup of frozen rhubarb (fruit)

1 large cinnamon stick,( note: I have 2 in this picture as I made a double batch)

1/2 to 1 teaspoon cinnamon or spices of choice, to taste

1/3 to 1/2 cup honey or sweetener of choice, will depend on sweetness and type of apple

1/2 cup pure apple juice or juice of choice, pineapple is another favorite I use

NOTE: if not using cinnamon stick use the 1 teaspoon or more, if using a cinnamon stick try 1/2 teaspoon can add more if needed, but cannot take away

Cover and cook on high for 2 hours, then start checking for tenderness of apples

We like chunky applesauce so start to mash down in pot to see how it is going

If starting to mash to your likeness remove and finish mashing to desired tenderness, if needs more sweetener add now

If you like smooth applesauce then will take around 20 minutes longer

On stovetop in covered pan, will take around 30-40 minutes being sure to check now and then for sticking and juice boiling out, etc. Yup talking from experience here!!

Cool and keep in fridge, or freeze. Let me say here, I love applesauce after it has been frozen and defrosted seems to me that freezing enhances the flavors, course that could just be me!!!!!!!!

Have kept in fridge up to 10 days. But most often gone way before that...

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