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This Ones For Marti, RIP, So Simple Potato And Cheese Frittata

This recipe is in memory of a very dear friend of mine. I had known Marti since she was a little girl, she grew up with my kids and as she said to me just recently before she passed away tragically in a car accident, I am family too. She had grown into a wonderful woman, albeit a little feisty I think is a perfect word to describe her, but was a fierce, protective mother of her 3 sons, and was so proud of them all. She had a heart of gold, but you did not want to cross her for sure, lol...Anyway, for the last several years we have been swapping recipe ideas, and tips, and of course she had joined my blog. She loved to cook as do I, and she told me she needed to teach her sons how to cook because now a days young girls do not care about cooking and she did not want them to starve to death so could cook for themselves. That was Marti. A few months before she passed away she sent me a cook book with a little inscription inside and I will always treasure the book and the inscription.

I like to think there are a lot of wonderful angels right now being well fed by Marti, RIP!

Thank you to all who have sent me little personal emails, and shared my recipes/posts. This will be my last post/blog for this segment, if all goes well I will see you in the fall.

My version of a simple frittata: oven 350 degrees 9-10 minutes of baking time, 4-6 minutes pre cooking time

Potatoes, Cheese, Eggs, Spices, how easy is that?

This is another use for precooked potatoes, either baked or boiled, have in a pinch used well rinsed and dried canned

Slice the amount of potato that will fit in bottom of your pan, the potatoes must be precooked for this recipe or canned

Sautee in way of choice the potatoes till a little crispy on bottom 2-3 minutes, depends on thickness you like, I used a little coconut oil, pan spray or evoo works well also

Beat 5 or 6 eggs well

Add in some spices of choice

Pour over potatoes

Let cook on med until starting to set on bottom and sides about 2-3 minutes depending on thickness of all

Add some shredded cheese of choice

Bake in oven until firm and set about 9-10 minutes once again depending on thickness

Note: goes without saying anything really can go into a frittata, this is a wonderful "you create" recipe


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