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Another Fish Story, It's Not What You Think!! And A Pet Peeve!

As I have mentioned before in my blog posts, fish has been a big part of our life. Catching fish, cooking fish and of course eating fish. Through the years, 52 to be exact of cooking, I have been given many recipes for all kinds of fish. And through the years I have cooked every kind we cared about it seems like a million times,( but of course it isn't). Anyhow when we owned a small motel for a few years next to the Polar Caves, a cousin of my husbands gave me her recipe for baked stuffed haddock. I did not think it sounded that good, but always being willing to give anything a try once, I got the few ingredients together and proceeded to make the recipe. I always make a recipe exact the first time, and then tweak it my own way after that. This, however, I never had to tweak it was just that good. And of course to me the fewer the ingredients the better....

WHILE I am talking about tweaking a recipe, I am giving my pet peeve and opinion of people who comment on recipes, and mainly/especially those who leave negative feedbacks on recipes, who then proceed to give the way they changed it all around to what they thought was how they were going to want or like it, and then leave a bad feedback on actually their own recipe and not the bloggers at all, go figure. How can you possibly know how it would have been if you changed it all around to start with??? I once saw a 2 star rating left on a recipe where the commenter changed almost every single ingredient then left a 2 star rating because she said she did not care for it....Rant over!!! Have to say thankfully this has never happened to me, but read a lot of recipe blogs and comments which never cease to amaze me!!

Now time for the simple recipe:

At least 2 haddock fillets, or white fish of choice, will depend on if you make one big amount or smaller single serving amounts

Some favorite stuffing of choice, home made, or boxed, any kind works

Some bacon slices, uncooked

Small amount of milk of choice

Spray a casserole dish lightly

Layer one fillet in the dish

Top with a thin layer of stuffing

Layer another fillet on top, try to keep same size and shaped fillets if possible and thickness

Place a slice or two of bacon on top, uncooked

Pour a small amount(thin layer) about 1/4 inch high of milk around the fish, just enough to poach it in, size of casserole dish will determine amount

Bake in a preheated 375 degree oven until all layers are cooked through, once again will depend on thickness

Test by cutting in center part after about 35 minutes, bottom fillet should be done, and flaky

This recipe also reheats well, if planning on reheating try to get thicker fillets so it doesn't dry out in the reheating.

Note: this is also a great recipe made with Cod....

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