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A Brown Rice Shredded Carrot Burger/Pattie Just Might Hit The Spot!!

I have said it before and will say it many times again, I love patties, or burgers, whichever you prefer. Meat based, veggie based or grain based or all three together. Love them on a bun or plain as is with a dollop of this or that on either way. I have made them from black beans, chic peas, cannellini beans, rice, and of course ground meats of all kinds, but find the best way is to make them out of leftovers and just create from the days ingredients hanging around.

Today I had leftover brown rice a scraggly looking carrot, as always onions and some small chicken eggs. The girls are slacking in the size for the time being due to the cold weather, however, the other day I did get a larger double yoke surprise so things are looking up in that department. I proceeded to shred my carrot and decided while I was doing that shredded some fresh onion, and my pattie/burger was born.

This is what I whipped up: Please also read my tips below!

2 cups leftover cooked rice of choice, or any precooked grain

1 shredded carrot

2-3 tablespoons of shredded onion, or onion powder

Black pepper to taste, always fresh ground for me

1 tablespoon of granulated roasted garlic, or to taste

1 tablespoon of dried something green, I used herbes de provence this time

2 small eggs, have also used in past times 2 eggs of any size, beaten

2-3 tablespoons bread crumbs or binder of your choice

Mix all together

Notes: I then let the mixture sit in fridge for at least an hour to firm up

Remove from fridge and make into patties/burgers and fry in way of choice, pan spray, evoo, butter etc.

Also note, start with 2 tablespoons of bread crumbs if still too moist add another one.

When forming patties press together well and carefully place in your pan.

Cook well on one side before turning about 4 minutes, turn "Carefully" and finish cooking other side about another 3 or 4 minutes.

Today I had a little walnut oil to use up so used that, but usually my flavored evoo is what I would use.

What you do with them next is of course up to you!!! I topped these today with

Greek yogurt!

If you meal prep these reheat really well.

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