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Now That Is A Sensible Size, Put Ramekins To Use Egg Muffins!!

We have all seen those recipes out there that are for mini muffin or regular muffin size baked eggs with add ins. And we have also seen then 2 muffins or 3-4 mini muffins are shown for the serving size. And yes, I have made them before in both sizes, but my problem with these sizes is the amount of veggies I might want or cheese or ham or whatever is so minuscule that I want way more then the suggested amounts. By the time you put in your diced or chopped items, you have a full tin, and not much room for your yummyegg mixture, being that you must fill them only 3/4 full to allow for cooking room, puffing etc. I, on the other hand like to refer to these as my small crust less quiche, and to put it simply why not just deal with one instead of 2 or 4?

We all have dessert ramekins in our cupboards hanging out collecting dust, or a lot of us I know do. So one day I decided to try that size for my egg muffins. Yes, I got more filling in and I am positive more egg ( my hard working chickens would be proud) and one is plenty.

My recipe below is for 4 6 0z. ramekins, or any cute oven proof dish you might have in that size range. PLEASE note I do have a regular size crust less quiche recipe on this site as well.

4 ramekins, sprayed well, important

5 eggs

1/3 cup milk of choice

Black pepper to taste

Turmeric few sprinkles, your choice of amount, always use turmeric with black pepper, or so the experts say

Spices of choice, something green preferably, I used herbes de provence

Mix all together

Place add ins of choice in first, filling ramekins half full, don't judge me, I used diced turkey and chopped red pepper and lots of spices, (my fridge was getting low)

Pour in egg mixture till 3/4 full

Shredded cheese of choice either for a topping or in the egg mix (optional) I topped mine with some.

Bake at 350 degrees until done about 20-25 minutes, should start to puff when done or can test like any baked egg dish, with a sharp knife, should come out clean of egg of any kind.

You can serve this as is in your ramekin, or you can cool a little and remove from the ramekin, your choice.

Pretty presentation if you are having guests for a breakfast or brunch in a ramekin....

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