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Yup, I Got Creative, Black Beans, Broccoli Sundried Tomato Patties, Yumminess!!!

Yumminess is there such a word? Anyhow, this weekend the spirit hit me to whip up a batch of from scratch black beans. I love black beans, and canned are fine with me too, but now and then I make my own to pump up the flavor. It is very simple, as is cooking all beans from scratch, rinse and soak the beans overnight with water level 2 inches above the beans, toss the water, start with more fresh water to cover an inch above the beans and simmer until tender, time depends on age of beans, amount of beans, etc. I also add in tons of aromatics to enhance the flavor that include some raw carrot pieces, some celery pieces, some bay leaves, a chunk of onion or onion powder, a few garlic cloves or garlic powder, and lots of dried thyme. I do not add salt in the cooking water, as the jury is still out on whether or not it keeps the beans from softening, salt and pepper are added when served. This batch took 30 minutes to cook, you can also do them in a crock pot, or instant pot I am sure.

Then I needed something different to go with the beans. So scouted around in my fridge and lo and behold there was a container of steamed broccoli stems that I had used the florets from in another recipe. And of course I always have sundried tomatoes so my something different was born, voila, broccoli patties with sundried tomatoes.

My recipe I did was as follows:

Whirred up the broccoli stems and a handful of sundried tomato slices in my food processor.

Ended up being about 2 cups

Added a handful of panko bread crumbs

Onion powder

Garlic powder


Black pepper

Thyme, all to taste

2 small beaten eggs, (my chickens are laying really small eggs right now)

Mixed all together and sautéed in a little evoo until crispy and cooked through.

Topped a helping of my black beans with the broccoli patty, added a dollop of sour cream and some salsa and was good to go.

Note: we are not what you call spicy eaters, but if we were I would have added something hot for a spice to the beans and the broccoli patty, you surely could.

Have to say this really hit the spot for a change of pace. If you are not a fan of black beans, a nice fried egg is also good on top of broccoli patties.

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