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Simple Butternut Squash, From Bland To Interesting!!

Butternut Squash recipes abound everywhere. It was the first squash I remember eating as a child. My father loved it and my mother cooked it a lot as he grew it in our gardens for years. I was not fond of it in those days, I thought it was blah, and boring. Now I realize it was the way it was cooked, boiled to death and mashed with margarine. Don't get me wrong margarine is ok, but some times jazzing it up a little would make it more appealing. Once again I thought I am pretty sure this can be better, but spices were rare in our house in those days, and I did not want to criticize my mother's cooking so ate it her way...

Once I got out on my own, I started experimenting with things to add in to my squash, once again my husband did not like it (Or so I thought) so I could do whatever without anyone caring but me. Some times it was a flop, and some times it was a success. Vegetables have always been important in my diet and diets I was always on, so I was always determined to make them more interesting....

This is one of my favorite combinations (and my husbands, who knew?) thought you might like to give it a try:

Peel and cube the amount of squash you want to use

Simmer in water until just done

Drain well, put back on warm burner and let remaining water cook out, a couple minutes should do it, shaking pan off and on

Mash to desired consistency

Toss in a hefty handful of chopped dried cranberries or cherries (not craisins)

Toss in some chopped nuts, preferably walnuts or pecans

Black pepper to taste

1/4-1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, to taste

Pinch of nutmeg (optional)

Let simmer for a few minutes to plump up the cranberries and the nuts

Pat or two of butter (optional)

If your squash is nice and dry you can add in a little butter to moisten

Notes: I have also made the squash with some home made thick cranberry sauce stirred in with the nuts, minus the dried cranberries

Have also made with some home made chunky applesauce, if squash was nice and dry,

Your squash your add ins!!

Also want to wish all of you and your families a wonderful, healthy and happy new year, 2018!!

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