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Oatmeal Can Be Interesting, Dressed Up!!

I am not a hugh fan of crock pots but this recipe is one that I do make all winter long.

The other day I put it going, and as I some times do, I almost forgot it was done.

My friend and cleaning lady was here, and I suddenly said "oh shoot" I forgot my husband's oatmeal was done.

When I lifted the cover the smell once again shouted comfort food at it's finest. Sue asked me what smelled so good, and I preceded to tell her the recipe and her first comment was is that on your blog? I replied "no" and she said well it should be, after giving her a sample to try.

In the meantime I wrote out the recipe, then decided maybe she was right, it is my husbands favorite breakfast all winter long, and if it passes his fancy as they say, then it must be pretty good, I on the other hand am not an oatmeal fan, so take his word for it!

It is very simple to make and has few ingredients, another plus as far as my thoughts go on recipes.

FIRST off be sure to spray your crock pot good, do not omit this step.

SECOND off I have a 3 1/2 quart crock pot that was my mothers, and not like the fancy ones these days, my point being it may take a time or two for you to get the recipe exactly how you will like it. If you have a large one it may take a little less time as the crock pot will not be as full to the top...

2 cups of milk of choice

1 2/3 cups of water

1 cup of regular STEEL cut oats, (not the quick cooking they have out now)

dash of salt

cinnamon to taste, I use 1 tsp. your choice

1 cup of raisins, or fruit of choice, or some of both

1/2 cup of maple syrup

Mix all together, cook on LOW 5 hours, not on high...

Will thicken as cools

NOTE: may take a few times to get to consistency you desire, some like thin oatmeal some like thick, your oatmeal, your choice...

In this photo I have a combo of a handful of jumbo golden raisins I get online, a handful of sliced dried cranberries and 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries.

I have made this with fresh fruits, frozen and dried, all works great...

Reheat in microwave adding a little more milk if desired, stirring half way through reheating....

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