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Stuffed Dates Can Bring Back Memories Of Holidays Past!!

There are some memories in your childhood that stick with you and some that don't. Usually the ones that stick with us are because they made us happy, why would you want to remember something that made you sad? This is one of those happy memories for me. We did not have a lot of treats when we were little, money was tight, and basic foods were our menu. However, on the holidays my mother went all out in the treats department for us, pies, cookies, etc., mostly store bought but a few she did make, and these stuffed dates were one of my favorites. For her, they were fast and very few ingredients were needed, who doesn't have sugar or peanut butter in their house, dates being the more expensive of the items, of course.

Through the years as we all went our separate ways, the dates recipe got lost in the shuffle as they say, were resurrected now and again until forgotten in time. However, a short while ago, my sister said to me she was making our mother's stuffed dates and asked me if I remembered them. Of course I did and decided it was time to make them again for the holidays, and bring back some nice holiday memories from the past.....

Only 3 ingredients are needed for this simple recipe


Peanut butter or these days any nut butter

Granulated sugar

The dates in my photo were extra large ones I got online, that is the reason they look quite large compared to the ones you will probably find in the supermarkets.

All you do is:

Slice one side of date

Remove seed

Stuff inside of date with a small amount of the nut butter, Close together

Roll in a little sugar or amount of choice, these will keep several days in fridge, or I make enuf for what will be needed for that day and leave out on counter for the entire day....

They are good cold or at room temp!!

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