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Just A Stir Fry, What?? Wok Optional!! Keep It Simple!

Many times through the years in discussing meal plans for the evening with friends and family members, I have heard "we are just having a stir fry" I, on the other hand have always looked at a stir fry as something simple, fast, home made, healthy, yummy, and another chance to use up leftovers and get creative, all at the same time. I, also, have learned through trial and error a few tips to make them faster for busy moms, working people and anyone who is pushed for time but wants something cooked in the home, and leftovers are just as good the next day over rice or pasta...

I do not own a wok, I am a firm believer in less is more, in this case just another waste of cupboard or pantry space in my tiny kitchen. Just my opinion, others are firm believers in them, your kitchen, your choice!!

Leftovers work well in a stir fry, but fresh works even better and or a combo of both.

Tip number 1:

Be sure you have a big enuf pan!

Tip number 2:

Layer your ingredients, putting the items that will take the longest to cook on the bottom, such as the onions, carrots, celery or any veggie you consider long cooking, graduating to the least amount of cooking time on the top, easier for me then adding ingredients as you go along, your choice, of course.


Tip number 3: over medium high heat

Add a little water to the pan (1/4 to 1/3 cup) depending on size of pan and amount you are making) give a shake off and on until water is absorbed, watch carefully, once the bottom veggies have just started to soften, add oil, butter or whatever you sautee in, now you can start the process of mixing all together and cook until the desired tenderness or crispness you prefer, this should just take a few minutes...

Tip number 4:

If adding meats, slice thin, or already cooked leftovers, add last few minutes to the pan, and also if adding soy sauce or tamari or any sauce wait until almost done...

My photo with this post contains, onions, orange peppers, zucchini, garlic, sundried tomatoes, spices, and my sundried tomato evoo I made a few days before and lastly some left over precooked rice!

Your family will thank you for the extra bit of time you took to make something this delicious, wait and see!!! and never say "just a stir fry" again....

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